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Now Netflix gives you the ability to kick freeloaders

Now Netflix gives you the ability to kick freeloaders

About 6 months ago

The company has introduced a new account management system which gives people ability to remove access privileges from specific devices in which your account is logged in and it's called "Manage Access and Devices" which is available on website, android and ios app

Before, you were able to see a list of devices that had recently accessed their accounts, and you can revoke access to all devices at once, but you were not able to remove access. Now each item will have IP address based location, profile used and device type which recently access your account.

Netflix announced the feature via its blog on Wednesday in which it's said to be the effect of password sharing battle while this feature is being released just before netflix planned to charge extra fee on the accounts with multiple profile which is being used out of the household. Netflix says it's not only about fighting with password sharing it's also a security measure for people who don't share their passowrd at all or lets say you're visiting a friend's house for night over or you're on a vacation and you forgot to logout while you were in hurry now you can easily solve that problem.

Netflix says that this function will help you determine if your account's password is safe or it has been compromised through which someone gained access to your account and help you remove those devices while stoppig them from using your account illegaly.

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