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Macrium Reflect free version is being discontinued with version 8

Macrium Reflect free version is being discontinued with version 8

About 10 months ago

Macrium Software has announced that it will no longer be offering future versions of its Reflect backup software for free.

When updating Macrium Reflect, users have begun to receive a notification stating the following:

"This is to notify that Macrium Reflect Free Edition is being retired. Security patches will be provided until 1st January 2024, but there are no planned feature changes or non security related updates following this update."

Despite this announcement being made during updates in app, the only other place it is referenced is at the bottom of the company's product support policy, which provides more details about the discontinuation of the free version of the software. This includes that the software will continue to be usable in perpetuity as long as you're running it in a compatible software environment. As of this post, any version of Windows from XP up to Windows 11 (build 22H2) supports Macrium Reflect Free version 8.

Macrium states on its product support policy page the security updates will continue to be provided for the free version of Macrium Reflect until January 1st, 2024. After that date, no further updates of any kind will be provided.

Further coverage: Macrium Product Support Policy