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Hive hits 1 million users in the search of Twitter alternatives

Hive hits 1 million users in the search of Twitter alternatives

About 10 months ago

In the wake of several controversial decisions by Elon Musk after acquiring twitter, apps similar to the social network have been in increased demand. One of these alternative, Hive announced that over 1,000,000 users have signed up. And at least 144,000 of these users are from U.S alone according to data firm Sensor Tower.

The app was also at No. 3 ranking in the Social Networking category of U.S as of the time of writing by Sensor Tower. Founded in 2019, Hive Social is developed and maintained by two people full-time. Though its interface being modeled after Twitter's. Instead, the Gen Z-focused social app which is unique amongst social networks competing with the giant, its ease of access which gives it a leg up over other alternatives such as Mastodon.

Free of advertisements and post priority promotion, Hive's monetization comes from a more Myspace inspired feature: users can pay for additional slots to showcase their favorite songs on their Hive profile. Investors have also helped ensure the network's current development and growth. It also has a campaign on Wefunder.

The app is also not solely timelined as Twitter is. In addition to the main feed, Hive users can explore their interests across a range of topic based groups like Science, Tech, Cars, Music, Fashion, Pets, Crafts, Books, Travel, Gaming, Art, Food and many others.

Hive is currently available on Android and iOS. But web based version accessible on desktop has not announced.

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