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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to add a new application

    After you sign up on SimileTo, you can add your app using submit option that you can find in menu. Then you have to fill the fields Platforms, License, Descriptions, Tags, etc. and click the button "Submit the application". Your app will be verified and approved as soon as possible.

  • How to add alternatives to an existing application

    In order to add an app as alternative to other ones just go to the main app page, click the button "Suggest changes" and the option "Suggest Alternatives" or you can just click on submit button in menu and add it same way as you did the applcation. Your actions will be verified and approved as soon as possible.

Submitting Applications

  • Can you add my software to SimileTo?

    You can add it yourself :) Just sign up for an account, it's super simple. When you're registered, you just click the "Suggest new application" that you can find clicking on submit button in menu. If you want to suggest your application to be added as an alternative to any other one then just search for that app, click the option "Suggest Alternatives".

  • How long will it take for an app I submitted to be approved?

    Usually it takes between a couple of days and up to a week. We have limited resources but we always try our best to approve apps as fast as possible.

  • I'm the developer or owner of an application you list, how can I update its info?

    Just create a SimileTo account and then email us at [email protected] and tell us what you're user id and app id is. Also provide us with some kind of proof that you own the application. For example, you can send the email from a domain that is used by the application.

  • What languages are allowed?

    English is the only language used on SimileTo at the moment. All applications added to the database must also support the English language. We think it will be really messy for the majority of our users if we allow apps in other languages since it will be very hard to manage. We also want to make clear that we are not native English speaking here at SimileTo.