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Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace based production render engine and in development since 2011.
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Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace based production render engine and in development since 2011. It was originally developed by Brecht van Lommel, and is maintained by an active team of developers today. Since its release as Apache 2.0 (permissive open source), it’s also in use by other 3D tools, such as Poser and Rhino.


CORE SPECIFICATIONS Unidirectional path tracing with multiple importance sampling Branched path tracing Multi-core CPU Rendering with SIMD acceleration GPU rendering with NVidia CUDA & AMD OpenCL Multi-GPU support Unified kernel code for CPU and GPU

INTERACTIVITY Designed for interactive updates Fast object, shader, light changes Tiled and progressive rendering

LAYERS & PASSES Render layers for decomposing the scene Render passes for geometry and lighting Holdout mattes

GEOMETRY Instancing Hair curves Volumes Multi-core BVH build

CAMERA Perspective and orthographic cameras Panoramic and fisheye cameras Stereoscopic rendering Depth of field

MOTION BLUR Cameras Object transforms Meshes and curves

SHADING Physically based Node based shaders and lights Production tricks Open Shading Language (CPU only)

VOLUMES Absorption Scattering and emission Smoke and fire Subsurface scattering

LIGHTING Global illumination Point, Sun, Spot and Area lights Mesh lights World background Sky model Light portals for indoor scenes

TEXTURES Image textures Environment maps Procedural textures (noise, voronoi, checker…) Bump and normal maps

Supported Languages
Mac, Windows, Linux
License Info
Licensing Open Source and Free product.

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