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Software KVM | Keyboard/Mouse Sharing | Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Emulator | Screen Mirroring & Remote Control
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  1. Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Emulator: across makes a Bluetooth equipped PC or Mac work as a standard Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo. Thus, you can seamlessly/wirelessly control all your smart devices including computer, smartphone and tablet PC with the computer’s keyboard and mouse.
  • Multimedia-Keys Input to a client device
  • Textcopy between devices when across Client runs on the client device
  1. Bluetooth communication enables Perfectly Secure/Extremely High-Speed/Easy to Set up/Rock-solidly Stable Network (Wired/Wireless) Operations: A. Keyboard/Mouse Sharing
  • Preferred Input Channel Selectable between Bluetooth and network
  • High Resolution Mouse Sharing
  • Mac Trackpad Gestures on a client Mac B. File Sharing – across has its own blazing fast fileserver enables you to share folders with partner computers. The shared folders are automatically mapped with a network drive in the native file-app of each OS. You can easily manage all files on your computers in the same manner as you do in a single computer. C. Clipboard Sync – across can synchronize Clipboard data with partner computers. If you want to copy texts, image or files/folders between computers, just copy and paste them wherever you want. Moreover, for files/folders copy, you can use Drag-and-Drop between computers as well. D. Remote Desktop – across enables you to open a RDP session of your client computers running the RDP server by one-click. You can control the client computer, synchronize Clipboard data and copy files/folders between computers easily using Copy-and-Paste/Drag-and-Drop as if two computers were one.
  1. Screen Mirroring & Remote Control in Mirroring Screen – across enables iOS/iPadOS/macOS/android Screen Mirroring on across Server computer. Furthermore, you can remotely control the client device in the Mirroring Screen with across Server computer's keyboard/mouse much like Windows Remote Desktop.

Supported Languages
Mac, Windows, Linux, Android
OS & UtilitiesFile Sharing
License Info
Licensing Proprietary and Commercial product.

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